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Parrot Flies Coop….Later Found in Chicken Coop

Parrot found in Chicken Coop

Jack the Amazon is back home

“Jack”, the Amazon parrot is back home where he belongs after he escaped from his home in England in November 2010.

He was found fifteen miles away at the Chester Zoo….inside the chicken coop “Clucking” like a chicken.  Jack’s parents thought he was gone for good because of the cold winter that just passed.

Read more about Jack and this remarkable story with the link below.

Parrot Finds Way Home after Living with Chickens

What a great story with a happy ending.

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Bird Toys for African Grey Parrots

African Grey Bird Toys

FunTime Birdy Dino Bolt Bird Toy for African Grey Parrots

If your bird is in need of a little excitement in his life via his bird toys……FunTime Birdy has the answer……the FunTime Birdy Dino Bolt African Grey Bird Toy could be the answer your little “Grey” guy has been searching for.

This African Grey Bird Toy is part puzzle, part trip back in time.  The Dino Bolt contains 4 large plastic nut and bolts, 6 plastic dinosaurs and loads of supreme cotton rope.

Our African Grey “Jerry” featured in the picture above just loves to pick at the dinos and preen the cotton rope.  Jerry even hangs upside down to try to disconnect the nut and bolts.

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Living with Parrots in India

Living in India with Parrots

Living in India with Parrots

This man in India has adopted two parrots to be his feathered friends.  He states “they are living in my heart as my children.”

These parrots are so much a part of his family that they ride on his motorcycle with him.

Click on link below to watch video.

Indian Man Lives Side by Side with Parrots

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FunTime Birdy Cockatiel Playgym with Sampson – Review

FunTime Birdy Playgym

Sampson - Cockatiel with new FunTime Birdy Playgym

We just love to hear from our customers and their feathered friends.

See Sampson pictured to the left on his new FunTime Birdy Cockatiel Playgym.

His Mom is ecstatic also…..she says “Hi Ann,

Sampson is a 3 and a half month old cockatiel. He loves his new play gym! When he sees it, he starts chirping right away to let us know he wants to play!

The play gym is top quality! Thank you for great service and quick shipping, too!! We will definitely shop at your store for some toys, etc. A++++ service!!!”

We are so glad that Sampson loves his new FunTime Birdy Sophomore Playgym.

Ann Zych
FunTime Birdy

Valentine’s Sale at FunTime Birdy

Valentine's Sale at FunTime Birdy

Sweethearts with Feathers

If you are in the market for some bird toys, bird perches, full spectrum lighting, a bird stand for your feathered friend or just some bird supplies……FunTime Birdy is the place to be.

Our Valentine’s Sale is going on right now and running through March 17th.

Stock up and Save now!!!!

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The Endearing Canary


The Endearing Canary

Whenever I visit my local bird store, I am always amazed at the canaries and how tiny and beautiful these little feather guys are…..but when you think of a pet bird, you may imagine a majestic African Grey parrot or a dazzling Sun Conure. While these parrots are beautiful, many people enjoy smaller birds, such as the Canary. While not a hook-bill, these delicate birds can make wonderful companions.

In order to properly care for a Canary, you will need to purchase plenty of bird toys and high-quality  bird supplies.  However, if you are considering a Canary, be sure to do your research to determine if this is the best type of bird for you.

Below are some common questions and their answers:

1.    How big are canaries?

Canaries are small birds ranging from 10-12cm. Their size makes them an excellent choice for apartment dwellers or people who do not have space for a large Amazon parrot or Cockatoo.

2.    How long do they live?

Canaries do not live as long as some birds. While certain parrots, such as the African Grey, can live up to 50 years, canaries usually do not exceed 10 years of age.

3.    What colors do they come in?

The most common color is yellow, although they also come in orange, white, green and brown. Nothing is more adorable than watching these tiny creatures sit on their bird perch or happily play with their birds toys. Their size and beautiful colors make them extremely endearing.

4.    How much exercise do they require?

These birds are extremely active and require plenty of exercise to stay healthy and happy. When purchasing a bird cage, be sure to get the largest one possible. A flight cage is ideal as canaries need to fly to stay in shape.

5.    What are their dietary requirements?

Canaries usually do well on a pelleted diet. You should supplement their daily food with fresh fruits, vegetables and other healthy snacks. Well-rounded meals will help keep your bird robust and healthy.

6.    Are canaries good family pets?

Some people have hand-tamed their canaries and are able to interact with them quite well. However, if you are looking for a bird that you can take out of his cage and let play on a nearby bird stand or parrot gym, a canary is probably not the bird for you. Canaries are extremely fragile and may not be suitable for young children. These birds are so delicate…..they can be easily injured. They are ideal for people who want a pet bird, but who prefer not to spend an exorbitant amount of time interacting with it.

7.    Are canaries noisy?

Due to their size, canaries have much softer voices. Male canaries love to sing and will spend many happy hours engaging in this behavior. Unlike many parrots, canaries never scream or become vocally obnoxious. They tend to be happy birds and are great fun to watch.

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“Boo” The Parakeet….a Remarkable Story

This is a remarkable story of courage, determination and the will of a Parakeet named “Boo”

Bring your tissues!!  This one is a real touching tear-jerker.

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Parrot Comfort Foods

Parrot Comfort Foods

Parrot Comfort Foods

Our birds just love to chow down on Farina.  Yes, the whole wheat cereal.  Since we have five birds of our own, each one of ours has a food item that they love the most.

For our Severe Macaw “Buddy”, he just loves “Cherrios” cereal with a little Rice Milk on top to soften them up a bit.  What is your birds favorite “Comfort” food?

Here is an interesting article from Chris Davis from the Bird Channel website entitled “Bird Comfort Foods”.

Bird Comfort Foods

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Only 2 Days Left for our Winter Sale at FunTime Birdy!!!

Winter Savings

Winter Savings Sale at FunTime Birdy

Come out of the cold………and Save Big!!!!!

Only 2 Days Left to FunTime Birdy’s Winter Savings Sale is over!

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Bird Humor with Human Technology

Cartoon of Birds in Tree

Birds with Human Technology

I saw this cartoon in our local Sunday section of our paper.  I thought this was so funny and made me laugh.

I also posted this on our Facebook FunTime Birdy Page and one of our customers commented that “Birds have been tweeting for years”.

So this technology is not “New” to the feathered kind.

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