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12 Days of Christmas for Parrot Lovers

Here is a video that only Parrot Lovers will enjoy…..the 12 Days of Christmas for Parrot Lovers….as another Holiday Season almost ends.


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A Penguin Dilemma

This video is so cute………penguins trying to get a across some treacherous terrain (LOL) Enjoy!!!!

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Tips on Grooming your Parrot

Parrots and Grooming

Tips on Grooming your Parrot

Grooming your pet parrot can be a very daunting task.  For instance, our Cockatoo Marshmellow does not mind having her wings and nails trimmed by me.  She is a real “Girly Girl”

Our African Grey Jerry on the other hand, “flies the coop” when he knows he may get his wings trimmed and forget it if he even thinks I will touch one of his nails with a file.  Every bird has a different personality  and each one acts very differently from one another when it comes to having their wings and nails trimmed.  Do not take it personally if your bird chooses not to have his/her nails or wings trimmed by you.  Seek out your local bird store or local vet to have them done regularly if your feathered friend “flies the coop” when it comes to grooming.

Below is a link to an article by Daryl Conner which dives into more specifics on “Grooming Tips for your Bird”

Grooming Birds in Pet Age Magazine Nov 2010

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Parrot Drinking with Cup

This Cockatoo enjoys drinking from a cup……even though it is a tiny, little, little cup.  LOL

How Cute and Dainty is that!

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Setting up your Bird Cage

Setting up your Birds Cage

Setting up your Birds Cage

Setting up your new feathered friend’s home (birdcage) is an extremely important task. This birdcage will be your bird’s home for many years. So it’s essential that you do the best you can to make it as comfortable and appealing as possible.
When it comes to choosing the ideal birdcage for your feathered friend, size is a critical factor. Try purchasing the largest birdcage you can afford. Birds like to have plenty of space to move around and stretch their wings. Additionally, a large cage enables you to provide your parrot with plenty of bird toys and bird perches.
It is important that you select the proper bird supplies to place in your cage. This includes things like feeding dishes, a bird perch and other accessories. Ideally you should place more than one bird perch in your parrot cage. Providing your bird with a single bird perch is like having only one pair of shoes to wear. Various perches allow your parrot friend to use and exercise his feet in different ways. So look for perches of various widths and textures to put in your birdcage.
Bird toys are an absolute necessity for any bird cage. The more bird toys you provide the better. Birds need plenty of mental stimulation to keep them happy and occupied. Look for toys that are bright, colorful and interactive. Ideally, you should provide your pet with a new toy at least every 2 weeks. This helps prevent boredom.
No matter how large your bird cage is, your bird will want to spend some time outside of those four panels. As a result, be sure to invest in parrot playgyms or parrot stands. Parrot playgyms provide your feathered friend with a space of his own outside of his cage. You can set up a parrot stand in your living room or bedroom where your bird will feel like part of the family.

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Selecting Holiday Presents Your Bird Will Love

Bird Toy Gifts for your Bird

FunTime Birdy Christmas Tree Bird Toy

Shopping for gifts is one of the most enjoyable parts of the holiday season. Who doesn’t love to give and receive presents? If you’re wondering what types of toys to buy your parrot for the holidays, this article will give you a few guidelines:

  1. They should be colorful

Parrots love bright, colorful toys. They have exceptional eyesight and can see very well in full color. Some experts believe they can even see a broader spectrum of colors than people. Your bird will be instantly attracted to bird toys that are red, orange, yellow or pink. Additionally, brightly-colored bird toys will help spice up your parrot’s cage and create a pleasant atmosphere.

2.  They should be well-made

Toys for birds come in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures. Each bird will enjoy different types of bird toys.   Your cockatoo may only play with plastic toys while he is on his bird stand. Your Amazon may prefer wooden bird toys. In most cases, birds are adaptable and enjoy numerous types of bird toys. So variety is your best bet when shopping for your feathered baby.   Look for toys that are made from plastic, rope & wood.

While it may be easier to run down to a local pet store or bird store while shopping for bird toys, selecting toys from a company who specializes in this area can be extra fun.  Most shopping outlets will have a limited selection. Additionally, many of these bird toys are mass produced, while not giving much thought to a bird’s intricate needs. So why not buy from the experts? From people who own birds, understand them and have developed toys to meet the unique emotional and cognitive needs of birds.  Here at  Fun Time Birdy we have developed an enormous selection of hand-crafted toys for birds.   As bird lovers and owners ourselves, we’ve developed these toys with your bird in mind. All of our products are tested on our own parrots—so we know they are “parrot-approved.” Check out our unique line of holiday themed bird toys as well as our vast selection of bird toys today. You’ll be delighted by the variety and eye-catching designs. You won’t find bird toys like this anywhere else!!

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Keeping Your Bird Safe and Happy During the Holidays

Keeping your Bird Safe

Holidays are a fun, exciting time of year. They are packed with activities, parties, family gatherings, gifts and delicious food. However, parrot owners should not underestimate the effect of these holiday changes on their feathered friends.  They should also be aware of certain hazards that could potentially harm their bird. Here are a few ways you can keep your parrots safe and happy as we celebrate the upcoming holidays:

  • Monitor your pet’s stress level. Birds are creatures of habit. They enjoy a regular routine and predictable schedule. Any changes in routine can cause your bird to feel anxious and stressed. For example, your feathered friend may start to feel upset if he is waiting for his dinner which is already an hour late. He may ignore his bird toys if he feels scared by the presence of strangers in the house. Watch your bird closely to determine whether or not he is feeling stressed. If you think the excitement is too much for your bird, place his parrot stands in a quiet room where he can enjoy some peace.
  • Keep ornaments and decoration out of your parrots reach. If your house is filled with shiny trinkets, a beautifully Christmas tree and other decorations, you should not allow your bird to wander around unattended. Tinsel, artificial snow and certain holiday plants, such as poinsettias and holly, could harm your bird if ingested. Your bird’s curious beak could also ruin your decorating job. In order to keep your bird’s mind off your decorations, provide him with an ample supply of bird toys. Just for fun, try to find toys that are engaging, shiny or have some sort of holiday flair.
  • Keep the air fresh. Birds have sensitive respiratory tracts. Strong smells such as candles, aerosol sprays or air fresheners can irritate their lungs. In most cases, these fumes can be toxic. If you want your home to smell festive, consider some natural alternatives. For example, heat a saucepan of water mixed with cinnamon and cloves. Let it simmer on your stove. This will fill your home with a delicious holiday smell, while keeping your pet birds safe.
  • Don’t forget to include your pet in the festivities. While you don’t want your parrot begging for table scraps from his bird stand , you can still make him feel special this holiday season. Consider buying your pet some new bird toys or perhaps even a new bird perch.

Have a Happy and safe Holiday Season!!!

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Wireless Technology – for the Birds (LOL)

I just thought this picture…..says it all for technology and our feathered friends.  Enjoy!!!!

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Birds on a Wireless Wire

Birds on a Wireless Wire

What to Do (And What Not to Do) When Your Parrot is Bored

What to do with a Bored Parrot

What to Do for a Bored Parrot

Parrots are active, inquisitive creatures who crave mental stimulation. Often times, parrot owners fail to provide their feathered friends with the interaction they need, resulting in an extremely bored bird. When this occurs, behavioral problems may develop.

If your parrot doesn’t have any bird toys or if he/she is never given the opportunity to climb around on a parrot playgym, he/she may start to pluck their feathers, scream incessantly or become depressed and sad.

If your bird is misbehaving due to boredom, here are 3 things you should NEVER do:

1.  Scream at your bird :  Yelling at your parrot or banging on the birdcage door won’t calm your parrot down. It will only make him more agitated and could cause him to become fearful of you.

2.  Completely ignore your bird: Parrots are sociable creatures who enjoy nothing better than nestling on their parrot playgyms or bird stand next to you as you watch TV or work on the computer.   Ignoring your bird will cause him to feel angry and neglected.

3.  Put your bird in a room by himself:   Placing your parrot in a dark room by himself with absolutely no bird toys  will only serve to increase his anxiety and depression. If your bird is being too noisy, or is somehow “disrupting you,” find out what it is he needs. But never isolate your bird from the rest of the family for long periods of time.

So what SHOULD you do when your parrot is bored out of his mind and driving you crazy? Here are 3 suggestions:

1.    Take your feathered friend out of his cage daily.  No matter how many bird toys you give your parrot, he still needs to spend time outside of his birdcage.

2.    Play with your bird regularly.   Spend time each day playing and interacting with your bird.   Teach your bird a few bird tricks and just have a good time together. Parrots have an amazing capacity to bond with humans—so don’t let this opportunity slip by!

Our Severe Macaw Buddy is an adoption and was a biter when we adopted him.  By playing with him and teaching him bird tricks like birdie basketball and Ring Toss, Buddy is a new bird.  He even took part in Animal Planet’s “Your Pet Wants this Too” where he featured his best moves.

3.    Get another bird.   Some parrots do not like to be alone. By purchasing a companion, you can provide your feathered friend with the social interaction he needs.

By making a few adjustments to your lifestyle, you can provide your bird with the attention and stimulation he needs to thrive.

Ann Zych
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