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Bird Species-Specific Diet Needs

Species Specific Parrot Diets

Species Specific Parrot Diets

As the owner of a Double Yellow Headed Amazon and 4 other birds, it easy to see that my Amazon “Kiwi’s” diet needs are far different than all my other birds.

“Kiwi” just loves to eat.  No matter what I put in his bowl, he loves to chow down every last drop.  As I learned when he was young, Double Yellow Headed Amazons are prone to fatty liver disease so their diet needs have to be strictly reinforced.  Each morning and night feeding “Kiwi” gets considerable less food than all the other birds.   He also receives less “Pellets” each night than all the other birds.

Susan Chamberlain of BirdTalk magazine wrote an interesting article on the diet needs of specific bird species.

Bird Species and Specific Diet Needs article

Ann Zych
FunTime Birdy

The Beautiful Sun Conure

The Beautiful Sun Conure

The Beautiful Sun Conure

This gorgeous bird has often been described as a sunset, soaring across the sky. Their dashing colors of orange, yellow, red, blue and green are simply dazzling to the eye. There is no question that Sun Conures are among the most stunning parrots, as far as looks are concerned.
If you want a playful, happy parrot, the Sun Conure may be just the bird you need. They are generally 12 inches in length and live between 25-30 years. These wonderful feathered friends are:

•    Playful. Like all birds, Sun Conures love to play. As a result, be sure to provide your baby with plenty of bird toys .    Sun Conures especially enjoy bird toys that are made from rope or wood.

Bright colors and ringed objects are also very appealing to them.  Since Sun Conures love to chew, wooden parrot toys are ideal.

•    Sociable. Sun Conures thrive on attention and interaction. They will enjoy being close to you on their parrot play gym while you work around the house or while you are eating dinner

•    Alert. These birds are always aware of their surroundings. Whether your feathered baby is on his bird perch or playing with his bird toys, he will be sure to hear sudden noises or an approaching stranger. In some cases, Sun Conures can serve as excellent watch dogs, letting you know when someone is at the door or if they hear a strange noise that may signal danger.

•    Athletic. Exercise is essential for Sun Conures. There are several ways you can ensure that your feathered friend gets the exercise he needs to thrive. In the first place, be sure to let him out of his bird cage at least once a day. Secondly, provide him with a large cage or aviary where he can flap his wings or fly. Thirdly, give your pet plenty of bird toys and parrot toys, as these will encourage activity and movement.

Life with a Sun Conure can be a wonderful and rewarding experience

Ann Zych
FunTime Birdy

Rescued Hummingbird Video

This is one of those rare videos of someone taking care of someone less fortunate.  This baby Hummingbird is nursed back to health and has such a great bond with his new found friend.


Conure Gym Review From FunTime Birdy

Mango on his FunTime Birdy Playgym

Bird Gym for Sun Conures

Another happy Sun Conure and this time Puerto Rico.  Thanks Cheryl for the great review!!!!

Hello Ann,

I just received Mango’s Playgym yesterday.
The package was wrapped beautifully, thank you so very much!
You have provided a very professional service with great communication.

Mango just LOVES his new playgym!

He plays on it from every direction including hanging upside down from the dangling toys and on his back. It gives me a bit of a breather, too! ; ) …if you know what I mean.. otherwise he’s hanging on to me or chasing me around the I can get things done with him occupied and happy on his playgym.

Here are some pictures of Mango enjoying his new playgym.

Kindest regards,

Cheryl and Mango (Sun Conure) – Puerto Rico

Mango Basketball Hoop for Cockatiels and Conures

Mango Basketball Hoop for Birds

Mango Basketball Hoop for Cocaktiel and Conures

These Mango Mini Basketball Hoops are such a great way to bond with your feathered friend.  My mom’s Quaker “Phantom” loves to toss in the wiffle basketball into the hoop.   Not only is it a great way to bond but your bird can build up his/her self esteem and your bird can feel proud they know how to do a bird trick.

My Severe Macaw Buddy was a bit aggressive.  I felt that the reason he was aggressive was because he did not feel good about himself.  I worked with him to learn to play birdy basketball and he is now a changed bird.  He loves his special trick training time and he is not aggressive anymore.


Bird Feather Destruction Checklist

Feather Plucking Checklist

Feather Plucking Checklist

Our African Grey “Jerry” (you can read Jerry’s full story at the above link.) is an adoption.  He came into our lives 9 years ago.  When he came into our home he was a feather plucker.  He still has his moments that he still plucks his feathers.  After many vet checks for his overall health, his feather plucking is basically psychological.


Here is an article by Chris Davis from Bird Channel entitled “Bird Feather Destruction Checklist”

Bird Feather Destruction Checklist

FunTime Birdy

Less than 2 Weeks Left for Spooktacular Savings

FunTime Birdy Spooktacular Sale

FunTime Birdy Spooktacular Sale

There is less than 2 weeks left to our SpookTacular Savings Sale at FunTime Birdy.  Sale ends November 11th.

Save 10% to 40% on Bird Toys, Parrot Playgyms, Bird Perches, Mango Gyms and Cages and Educational and Trick Training toys.

Looking forward to seeing you there!!!  It’s scary good!!!

FunTime Birdy