Biting and your Bird


Biting and your Parrot

Biting and your Parrot


One of the great things about sharing your life with a pet parrot(s) is their amazing companionship.  These feathered kids have so much energy and vitality for life that it amazes me everyday.

With the good comes the bad…..the biting.  Parrots bite for many reasons.  These could be warnings…”Hey your touching me too much…lay off a little ” or “Hey I am a little moody today….no pets today…Ok?” or they could be for unknown reasons.  Every parrot owner has been bitten on occasion and they can be very painful to yourself and to your ego.

Marshmellow our Umbrella Cockatoo does not bite as often as she used to.  She now takes her bites out on one of her favorite bird toys instead.  Not all of us can be that lucky.

See link below for an article by Liz Wilson on “A Biting Bird” from BirdTalk magazine.
A Biting Bird by Liz Wilson

FunTime Birdy


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  1. Hi! just wondering if i can use your picture for a power point presentation? don’t want to take without asking 🙂 Thanks!
    Melody Hennigh RVT

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