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Should I Get a Parrot?

Should I get a Parrot?

Should I get a Parrot?

Parrots make phenomenal pets. They are gorgeous, intelligent and loyal. However, becoming a parrot owner is a big responsibility and will require some effort on your part. So before you go out and purchase a Parakeet,  Cockatiel or a larger parrot, ask yourself the following questions—be sure to think long and hard!!!

1.    Are you willing to invest a considerable amount of time in your new feathered baby? Parrots are living creatures that require care and companionship. A parrot is not a decoration or trophy to show off to your friends. Parrots can live many years.  In fact, the larger the parrot the more years they can live.  Many parrots have been known to live 60-80 years.  In order to keep your parrot healthy and happy, you will need to train and play with it.  Bird Toys and Parrot Playgyms are essential. But you should do more than simply toss a few parrot toys in your bird’s cage and call it good. Instead, interact with your feathered friend. After buying a new parrot toy, introduce them to your bird and play with him. This will serve to strengthen the bond between you and your new feathered child.

2.   Are you willing to invest a reasonable amount of money on your bird? Owning a bird does not necessarily require you to break the bank. But it is essential that you provide your parrot with a proper-sized cage and plenty of  bird toys. Try looking for fun, innovative bird toy supplies and parrot toys. An occasional Chain Store Bird Toy is okay, but your birds will appreciate parrot toys that are more intellectually challenging and stimulating. These specialty toys may cost a bit more, but they are well worth it. They will last longer and your bird will have much more fun with them. To get started, check out Fun Time Birdy’s unique line of pet bird toys:

c.    Are you willing to adjust your lifestyle? Whether you are having a new baby or adopting a new feathered baby bird, it will affect your daily routine. As a parrot owner, you must be committed to acting in your feathered friends best interest. This may mean eliminating your daily trip to Starbucks, so you can utilize that money to buy a few bird toys. If you normally travel every weekend, take your parrot into consideration. You may need to stay home a little more frequently so you can spend time with your bird. Your parrot will love it when you interact with him and help him play with his bird toys.

If you are willing to make a few minor adjustments, having a pet bird is an extremely rewarding experience. You will enrich each other’s lives for many years to come!

You Talk too Much

You Talk too Much

Two Birds - You Talk too Much

I received an email the other day of these two birds and the caption said “Even in the Bird World Women Talk too Much”.  I thought this was so funny.

I can think of other captions that would be great like “I told you to be quiet”, “Shut it”, “Zip it”  or “Thanks for your beak, I almost fell”

Can you think of other funny “Captions” for this photo?


Ring Toss for Amazon and African Grey Parrots

Ring Toss for Parrots

Educational Bird Toys - Ring Toss

Our FunTime Birdy Ring Toss Trick is back in stock.  One of our most popular toys is back!!!!  Your bird(s) will have loads of fun entertaining themselves plus entertaining you with this magnificent bird trick.

Also available in Cockatiel/Conure size Ring Toss and Cockatoo/Macaw size Ring Toss.

If your bird needs help……..don’t fret…………our Severe Macaw Buddy can help teach your parrot “How to do the Ring Toss”

Bird Kabobs will be a hit with your Bird!!!!

Bird Kabobs for Parrots

Bird Kabobs for Parakeets to Macaw

Our own birds just love Wesco’s Bird Kabobs.  Our little Parakeet Snowy began really digging into hers the other day.  Our customers love them to!!  Check out what Debbie from California wrote me.

Hello Ann,

Thanks for the inquiry about the kabobs.  All the birds love them and as hard as I try to make them last, I’m a pushover and end up replacing them every couple of days or so.  If I’m lucky there may be a piece or two left, which I string together to make one whole one as often as possible.  No doubt I’ll be back soon for some more kabobs and probably some other fun toys as well.

Thank you so much for your great service, easy website and surprise gift with my purchases!  You have  a customer for life over here!

I’m sure I’ll be back to your site soon.

Debbie – California

Parakeets as Pets

Parakeets as Pets

Parakeets as Pets

My first ever pet as a little girl was a Parakeet named Blue Boy.  I have had Parakeets my entire life.  My little “Olive” pictured on the left, inspired me to start my own business.  She passed away in 2004 but her memory lives forever in my heart.

If you’re considering purchasing a pet parakeet, you can’t go wrong. These adorable creatures make delightful companions and are relatively inexpensive to care for. Parakeets are 7 inches long and weigh between 3-5 ounces. Most parakeets live 5-10 years. But with proper care and attention, they can live up to 14.

Here are just a few of the reasons why parakeets are ideal pets:

  • They are excellent talkers and singers. As they play with their bird toys , parakeets will sing, whistle or chatter. This can be quite amusing. If you play music around your little guy you may find that he has learned to sing along with a particular CD.
  • They are fantastic entertainers. Parakeets love to play. If you provide your feathered friend with various types of bird toys,  he’ll keep you entertained for hours and because parakeets are so vivacious, they will put their parakeet toys to good use. So be sure to purchase bird toys that are well-made and won’t fall apart on the first day.
  • They are great with kids. Unlike macaws or African Greys, which tend to be a bit temperamental, parakeets are calm and predictable. They love attention and get along well with just about everyone.

Having a pet parakeet can be an extremely rewarding experience. By feeding your parakeet a pelleted diet and providing him with plenty of bird toys and mental stimulation, you can keep him happy and healthy his whole life.

7 Tips “Parrot-Proofing” Your Home

7 Tips for Parrot Proofing your Home

7 Tips for Parrot Proofing your Home

We all know the importance of “child-proofing” our homes when we have little ones running around. Well, the same policy holds true for feathered children. Your home is wrought with a thousand dangers that could potentially harm or kill your bird. Here are 7 tips for keeping your parrot safe and sound:

  1. Get rid of your non-stick cookware. These types of pots and pans can be deadly to your bird. Non-stick cookware releases an odorless gas that will poison your bird when inhaled. Try cooking with cast iron pans instead.
  2. Keep your Parrot Play Gyms and Bird Stands out of the kitchen while you are cooking. Your bird could seriously injure himself if he flies too close to a hot stove or a pot of boiling water.  As a general rule, only have your bird in the kitchen with you when you are finished cooking and are ready to eat.
  3. Remove electrical cords from your parrots reach. Parrots love bird toys but they have difficulty distinguishing which items are actually bird toys and which ones are off limits. As a result, be sure your feathered friend does not have access to any electrical outlets or phone cords.
  4. Keep human food safely stored in the cupboard. If you routinely let your bird out of his cage take careful precautions that no toxic food is left lying around. Keep things like chocolate, alcohol, caffeine and salt well out of reach.
  5. Make sure ceiling fans are turned off. If it’s time to let your bird out of his cage to play with his bird toys or sit on his favorite playgym, flip OFF the ceiling fan. Your parrot could accidently get caught in the fan and killed.
  6. Cover windows and mirrors. When parrots see glass, they think it is open space that they can fly right through. If your parrot hits a window flying at full speed, he could seriously injure himself.
  7. Get rid of aerosol air fresheners and scented candles. Although you may love the aroma of these items, they could harm your bird. Parrots have extremely sensitive respiratory systems. So extra care should be taken to preserve their health.

Review: Junior Dino Bolt Bird Toy by FunTime Birdy

Jasper and the FunTime Birdy Dino Bolt Bird Toy

Jasper and the FunTime Birdy Dino Bolt Bird Toy

Check out Jasper playing on his FunTime Birdy Junior Dino Bolt Bird Toy.

This video was sent in by Carolyn M. of New York.

She could not believe how much Jasper loves his FunTime Birdy Dino Bolt Bird Toy.  Right out of the box, he could not stop playing.  What a great action video.

Check out link below for Jasper’s video.

Jasper the African Grey Lovin’ his new FunTime Birdy Dino Bolt Bird Toy

Thanks Carolyn for this great video!!!!!!!!!