Smart Parrot Gets Smarter

Kea Parrot of New Zealand

Kea Parrot of New Zealand

A Kea Parrot, an endangered parrot from New Zealand is believed to be the smartest parrot in the world.  Researchers have found that this parrot is so smart that when they placed food in ordinary boxes this was too easy for the Kea Parrot.  The Researchers would eventually have to strategically place “Bolts” near the food boxes to make it more difficult for the Kea to open.   The Kea was too smart for the “Bolts” and eventually figured out those obstacles as well.

Researchers also found that not only did the Kea figure out puzzles by trial and error but their research shows that they have the ability to “strategize” and work together to achieve their goal.

Read more of the article here:

Smart Parrot Gets Smarter

How smart is your parrot?  I always knew my parrots had an intelligence that at times was very uncanny for a pet.  I would love to hear from you.


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