Bird Kabobs will be a hit with your Bird!!!!

Bird Kabobs for Parrots

Bird Kabobs for Parakeets to Macaw

Our own birds just love Wesco’s Bird Kabobs.  Our little Parakeet Snowy began really digging into hers the other day.  Our customers love them to!!  Check out what Debbie from California wrote me.

Hello Ann,

Thanks for the inquiry about the kabobs.  All the birds love them and as hard as I try to make them last, I’m a pushover and end up replacing them every couple of days or so.  If I’m lucky there may be a piece or two left, which I string together to make one whole one as often as possible.  No doubt I’ll be back soon for some more kabobs and probably some other fun toys as well.

Thank you so much for your great service, easy website and surprise gift with my purchases!  You have  a customer for life over here!

I’m sure I’ll be back to your site soon.

Debbie – California


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