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Penguins and Butterfly

I saw this video on the internet the other day and thought it was so cute.  This was filmed at the Philadelphia zoo.

I just love Penguins!!!!!

I would love to hear from you.


FunTime Birdy Dino Bolt and Eco Forage Boxes are Keeping Scarlet Busy

FunTime Birdy

FunTime Birdy Dino Bolt

Here is an email we received from Megan of West Virginia.
Hey Ann,

Scarlet loves the toys! She took to them really quickly! She’s already torn up three or four of the little dinosaurs on one of them, and of course she’s been ripping the foraging boxes to shreds; she’s already been through three of those! I think I need to just buy a case of them! lol
Thanks again!

Megan P and Scarlet

Smart Parrot Gets Smarter

Kea Parrot of New Zealand

Kea Parrot of New Zealand

A Kea Parrot, an endangered parrot from New Zealand is believed to be the smartest parrot in the world.  Researchers have found that this parrot is so smart that when they placed food in ordinary boxes this was too easy for the Kea Parrot.  The Researchers would eventually have to strategically place “Bolts” near the food boxes to make it more difficult for the Kea to open.   The Kea was too smart for the “Bolts” and eventually figured out those obstacles as well.

Researchers also found that not only did the Kea figure out puzzles by trial and error but their research shows that they have the ability to “strategize” and work together to achieve their goal.

Read more of the article here:

Smart Parrot Gets Smarter

How smart is your parrot?  I always knew my parrots had an intelligence that at times was very uncanny for a pet.  I would love to hear from you.


Lola the Missing African Grey is Found

Welcome Back Lola

Lola is Back

“Lola” the missing African Grey Parrot that went missing for 24 days was found after her owner placed Billboards, 400 fliers, and even hired pet psychics and two bloodhounds to find her beloved “Lola”.   Lola’s days in the wild are over as she is in her home sweet home.

Read the full article below:

Lola, the Missing African Grey

This story has such a wonderful happy ending.  Tears came to my eyes.  Do you have any happy ending lost bird stories?  I would love to hear them.


Will your Parrot Break out of his Cage?

We once had a customer that told us that their Hyacinth Macaw parrot was strong enough to bend the bars on his cage.  He ate through the bars like they were nothing.   Here is a video that shows exactly this…..a Hyacinth Macaw bending the bars of his cage like they were twigs.  It is simply amazing to watch and scary to think of.

We often suggest to our customers Freedom Cages because their cages are built with this in mind.  Freedom Cages are built to withstand  this type of behavior from large Macaw parrots.  The best thing about Freedom Cages is that they all have the Freedom Buffet built into each cage.  This Stainless Steel ‘Feeding Station” is perfect for large birds who love to tear apart their food area bars and great for those birds who constantly throw their food around.  It also makes the feeding area bird proof for those times you must have someone take care of your birds for you.

Swing for Amazons and African Grey Parrots by FunTime Birdy

FunTime Birdy Tropical Swing

Swing for Amazons & African Grey Parrots

We just love to hear from our customers and how they love our products.  Our Tropical Safari Swing for Amazon / African Grey Parrots is one of our most popular items.  Our Severe Macaw “Buddy” loves to sleep on his Tropical Safari Swing.  Check out the comments below sent in by Charlene R. from NY.

Hello Ann,

We received the goodies! We have not had a chance to add them to the swing. Going to try to this weekend. I saw that note about the junior swing(regarding Buddy sleeping on it) and was glad I ordered it for Woody. He tries so hard to use Wiggles swing and thought it was time to get him one of his very own. We are also going to try to hang the swing this weekend. And thank you for the free goodies! It is nice to see people that care about their customers! Thank you again!

Charlene R. of NY
(Woody and Wiggles Mommy)

Thanks Sharon for the Great Review for FunTime Birdy

FunTime Birdy - Unique Playgyms and Bird Toys

FunTime Birdy - Unique Playgyms and Bird Toys

We just love to hear from our customers…..Check out what Sharon and Jasper have to say about FunTime Birdy.


You’re wonderful, amazing and stupendous! The order came late yesterday and as usual was everything and more. Jasper dove right in and found the little “extras” that you sent and sends you lots of kisses. Thanks for everything.

Sharon and Jasper

Should I Get a Parrot?

Should I get a Parrot?

Should I get a Parrot?

Parrots make phenomenal pets. They are gorgeous, intelligent and loyal. However, becoming a parrot owner is a big responsibility and will require some effort on your part. So before you go out and purchase a Parakeet,  Cockatiel or a larger parrot, ask yourself the following questions—be sure to think long and hard!!!

1.    Are you willing to invest a considerable amount of time in your new feathered baby? Parrots are living creatures that require care and companionship. A parrot is not a decoration or trophy to show off to your friends. Parrots can live many years.  In fact, the larger the parrot the more years they can live.  Many parrots have been known to live 60-80 years.  In order to keep your parrot healthy and happy, you will need to train and play with it.  Bird Toys and Parrot Playgyms are essential. But you should do more than simply toss a few parrot toys in your bird’s cage and call it good. Instead, interact with your feathered friend. After buying a new parrot toy, introduce them to your bird and play with him. This will serve to strengthen the bond between you and your new feathered child.

2.   Are you willing to invest a reasonable amount of money on your bird? Owning a bird does not necessarily require you to break the bank. But it is essential that you provide your parrot with a proper-sized cage and plenty of  bird toys. Try looking for fun, innovative bird toy supplies and parrot toys. An occasional Chain Store Bird Toy is okay, but your birds will appreciate parrot toys that are more intellectually challenging and stimulating. These specialty toys may cost a bit more, but they are well worth it. They will last longer and your bird will have much more fun with them. To get started, check out Fun Time Birdy’s unique line of pet bird toys:

c.    Are you willing to adjust your lifestyle? Whether you are having a new baby or adopting a new feathered baby bird, it will affect your daily routine. As a parrot owner, you must be committed to acting in your feathered friends best interest. This may mean eliminating your daily trip to Starbucks, so you can utilize that money to buy a few bird toys. If you normally travel every weekend, take your parrot into consideration. You may need to stay home a little more frequently so you can spend time with your bird. Your parrot will love it when you interact with him and help him play with his bird toys.

If you are willing to make a few minor adjustments, having a pet bird is an extremely rewarding experience. You will enrich each other’s lives for many years to come!

You Talk too Much

You Talk too Much

Two Birds - You Talk too Much

I received an email the other day of these two birds and the caption said “Even in the Bird World Women Talk too Much”.  I thought this was so funny.

I can think of other captions that would be great like “I told you to be quiet”, “Shut it”, “Zip it”  or “Thanks for your beak, I almost fell”

Can you think of other funny “Captions” for this photo?


Ring Toss for Amazon and African Grey Parrots

Ring Toss for Parrots

Educational Bird Toys - Ring Toss

Our FunTime Birdy Ring Toss Trick is back in stock.  One of our most popular toys is back!!!!  Your bird(s) will have loads of fun entertaining themselves plus entertaining you with this magnificent bird trick.

Also available in Cockatiel/Conure size Ring Toss and Cockatoo/Macaw size Ring Toss.

If your bird needs help……..don’t fret…………our Severe Macaw Buddy can help teach your parrot “How to do the Ring Toss”