Lovebirds in the Wild

Lovebirds in the Wild


Wonderful footage of Lovebirds in the wild as seen on the National Geographic Network.  This is only a teaser trailer for the show that aired.

Even though it is only brief footage, it shows many of the trials and tribulations of these loving feathered birds.

Do you have a Lovebird or Lovebirds?  How many keep them in pairs?  I would love to hear from you.



2 responses to “Lovebirds in the Wild

  1. Lovebirds are lovely aren’t they 😀

    I used to have lovebird named Kiki, unfortunately she flew away during one incident and never came back on that day.

    My family and I miss her dearly, she was a lovely member in our family and often bring us lots of fun and laughter.

    Lovebirds are actually very intelligent birds and very highly trainable just like the larger cousins: macaws and cockatoos. I was able to train Kiki quite a number of parrot tricks.

    Watch her amazing parrot tricks videos at

  2. I checked out her video and she was amazing. Lovebirds are so small and cuddly. I am so sad for you that she flew away. I know the loss of a bird can be devastating

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