Pizza and your Quaker Parrot

Edgewater Quakers and Pizza

Edgewater Quakers Love Pizza

I came across an article about how the Brooklyn Quaker Parrots just love pizza.  Who would think that these wild parrots would love pizza?

My husband and I can both vouch for this!  We visit the wonderful Quaker parrots of New Jersey once a year at their  home in Edgewater New Jersey.

Last year we came armed with our Lafeber Avi Cakes….what bird doesn’t love Lafeber Avi Cakes.  Well…..apparently the Quakers from this area of NJ love their pizza more.  Check out pizza crust eating Quaker in this picture.  It seems the local pizzeria supplies these Quakers with pizza on a daily basis.  They did not even touch the Lafeber Avi Cakes we brought for them.  Live and learn…mental note…….bring pizza when visiting the wild Quakers of New York and now New Jersey.

Check out the article by Nancy Mure entitled “The Pizza Man and the Parrots”

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