Rio – The Animated Parrot Movie

Rio - The Parrot Movie

Rio - the Movie

Check out the trailer to the upcoming animated parrot movie called “Rio”

Blu (Jesse Eisenberg) is a rare species of macaw residing at a zoo in Minnesota who believes he is the last of his kind. When he learns that another macaw was spotted in South America, and that Jewel (Anne Hathaway) is female, he leaves Minnesota and travels to Rio to find her.

I can’t wait to see this movie!!  How about you?  I would love to hear from you.



27 responses to “Rio – The Animated Parrot Movie

  1. Those aren’t Macaws. they are Cockatoos! Look at their heads, do you know of any Macaws that have CRESTS? They got the bird type wrong!

  2. I agree but I am just happy to see a bird movie out there!! There really hasn’t been a bird movie since “Paulie”.

  3. they are macws, they just gave them those crests so people will know the characters, like hair in similar movies like alpha and omega and the trumpet of the swan

  4. This movie looks cute, but the down side is a lot of people will want parrots on a whim and animal shelters will be flooded with parrots after they go through their terrible two stage. Kind of like after the “Paulie” movie.

    • Unfortunately, this is true but it is also true for any movie about animals….dogs, cats…etc. I think since it is animated it might not draw the same attention as far as buying a real bird as Paulie did. I am still very much looking forward to this movie.

  5. Hopefully, the movie will go a little bit more into the complex needs of parrots. Sadly I doubt it . I rescue and rehabilitate birds/parrots. I used to work at a pet store and after seeing all the craves movies cause I couldn’t stand it any more. THESE MOVIES WHERE THE WORST: FINDING NEMO, MARLEY AND ME, BEVERLY HILL CHI., AND THAT GUINEA PIG MOVIE. There just needs to be those people who are gonna be willing to understand and help those parrots in need.

  6. Hey Will I Am plays a bird in Rio named Pedro, what type of bird is that? It looks kinda like a kookabura with a red head.

  7. He is supposed to be a macaw but the closest parrot like bird that even relates to it would be a cockatoo.

  8. I think he’s supposed to be a Pyrrhuloxia. Not 100% sure though. Here’s a picture:

  9. Cool I’m seeing it tomorrow
    It looks Awesome

  10. I watched the movie with my parents on Saturday. I loved the movie. It was awesome.

  11. I saw it last night in 3D. Rio is fantastic – just beautiful to watch, very very funny, the music is toe-tappingly great, and it tells a very important story. You don’t even have to be a “bird person” to enjoy it.


    Blu & jewell are McCaws and nigils a coakatoo rafelles a toco tuocan and pedros a red creasted cardinal and nico is a canary

  13. Blu & Jewel are blue macaws and Nigel is a coakatoo.
    Rafael is a toco toucan and Pedro is a red-crested candinaland Nico is a canary

  14. This was a fantastic movie, if you can look past all the mistakes they made:
    1. Parrots have 4 toes, not 3.
    2. Blu’s cage in the bookstore was of the appropriate size for….say, a budgie maybe, but not for a macaw! and the curved shape is also not ideal for parrot cages.
    3. Linda fed Blu CHOCOLATE chip cookies, and hot CHOCOLATE. People might decide to buy a parrot after seeing this movie and unknowingly poison their new pet with chocolate!
    Another thing that bothered me….aren’t cockatoos native to Australia?? What is Nigel doing in South America??

    all this aside, I did admire the details on the texture of the Macaws’ beaks, as well as the feathers. Very well done!

    • Hi Melody,

      I know there are inconsistencies in the movie. You are right about the cookies and hot chocolate. I saw that myself and mentioned to my husband that it is very dangerous to serve birds chocolate.

      However, it is a very cute movie and the only bird movie we have had since “Paulie”. I am just happy to see birds in movies again.


  15. In the opening scene, what type of birds were the ones with the grey heads and the blue/green wings??

  16. They are Spix’s Macaws even though Blu looks more like a Glaucous Macaw

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