Review:Amazon/African Grey Bird Swing

Bird Toy/Swing for Amazon and African Grey ParrotsA customer of ours, Sarah M., recently wrote me to tell me how much her African Grey (Ludie) and Amazon Parrot (Phinnie) simply love the FunTime Birdy Junior Tropical Safari Bird Swing.

She writes:

Hi Ann!

Well the swing was a replacement because they loved the other one so much that they ate through it finally!  They really do love that thing!  And I did see Phinnie with the green foraging toy (Turn N’ Learn Logs) although I’m not sure yet if Ludie will just claim it like he does the other big one I bought. (I am always so impressed when I see him open up all those cups!) They share a cage, they’ve been together since they were babies so they share most things.  Anyway I was very glad to see Phinnie checking it out, and I do think she’ll chew her way through the dowels soon enough! (Tiki Takeout)  I really have to say once again how impressed I am in the plastic toys, I really never thought about plastic before but they just love it, it must feel good to chew!
Thanks again for following up!


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