Bird Toy Rotation Box

Marshmellow with her FunTime Birdy Bird Toy

Marshmellow with her FunTime Birdy Bird Toy

I wrote a blog post the other day titled “Spring Cleaning” in which I reference a Bird Toy Rotation Box. It just occurred to me that I should elaborate on what a “Bird Toy Rotation Box” is.  A Bird Toy Rotation Box is simply a storage box of somewhat used (but still in good condition) bird toys.  Toys that have never been played with or toys that you can re-string and create a brand new toy.

I started this with our Cockatoo Marshmellow. I noticed that Marshmellow had bird toys in her cage which were slightly used but were still in good condition, she simply stopped playing with them. I thought to myself maybe I should take them out. I hated to throw them away as they were still good toys. Marshmellow also had some toys that she had never touched that were like brand new. She also had some toys that were almost demolished but I could re-string them with other component pieces that were left over from some of her other bird toys.

I bought a storage container with a good lid and proceeded to clean the bird toys I had taken out. After letting them completely dry off, I now had several types of bird toys. Some were not touched, some were a little worn (I removed any dangerous components) and some I re-strung and made into brand new toys. I put all these toys away in my Rotation Box. Now I was set with new toys to give Marshmellow in exchange for the ones that were currently in her cage. Every couple of weeks I go into the rotation box and repeat the same process.

What I had suggested in my “Spring Cleaning” blog post is that sometimes you may put a toy in the Rotation Box and at that time you may have thought it was great.   However, upon further inspection you realize that the toy is just not up to par. That is why I suggest checking your “Bird Toy Rotation Box” often and also cleaning the entire box out once or twice a year.

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