Creative Foraging Systems

Foraging is a very important part of a birds life.  In the wild that is what they naturally do 90% of their day.

Creative Foraging Systems are new at FunTime Birdy this month.  These Foraging boxes are the ultimate in Foraging toys for your bird.

They are a great way to get your feathered friend captivated in foraging.  The “Honeycomb” style boxes enable you to place your birds favorite treats in compartments inside each box.  By placing treats inside each compartment it allows your bird to have to really work at getting the treat inside.

Best of all, the Creative Foraging System comes with a holder for each cardboard box which can be mounted to your birds cage.  You can even place the holders in hard to reach locations to really stimulate your birds natural foraging nature.  Each foraging system comes with 10 foraging boxes and one holder.  Once your bird has foraged his way through your original supply, don’t worry refills are available so the fun will never end for your feathered friend.


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