Why Does My Bird Molt?

If you are new to birds or if you have had birds for a long time, one has to wonder why does my bird molt (lose its feathers every couple of months and new ones grow in).  Every bird or parrot molts….it is just a question of when.  Depending upon the species, hormones and the age of the bird, all molts are different.

Below is a link (PDF file) for an interesting article I found written by Dr. Susan L. Clubb for Pet Age Magazine entitled “Molting 101”  Also this article explains some of the different types of feathers a parrot has.  My Amazon “Kiwi” has eyelashes which are called Bristles.  Amazons are known to have Bristles.

Why Does my Bird Molt? (PDF File)

2 responses to “Why Does My Bird Molt?

  1. i have a parrakeet, i had my parrakeet for 7 months, my bird molt every day or every other day, is there anything i can do to get him to stop molting

    • Do you have full spectrum lighting for your parakeet? If you do, how many hours do you have the light on? Parakeets only need approximately 2 hours or so of full spectrum light a day.

      If the lighting is not the cause, I would bring your baby to the vet just to make sure there is no other problems. I take all my birds to the vet at least once a year for a annual checkup even my parakeet gets a vet visit once a year.


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