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Spring Sale at FunTime Birdy

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New Arrivals at FunTime Birdy

FunTime Birdy New ArrivalsI am so excited to let everyone know that just in time for Spring we have added Roller Skate Trick Training toys for Amazons and Roller Skates for Macaws to our line of Educational and Trick Training Toys.

We have also added a whole new assortment of Bird Perches ranging from Cholla Bird Perches/Hardwood Bird Perches, Pedicure/Cement Bird Perches, Edible Bird Perches and to top that all off we have added a new line of Shreddable Bird toys.

Why Does My Bird Molt?

If you are new to birds or if you have had birds for a long time, one has to wonder why does my bird molt (lose its feathers every couple of months and new ones grow in).  Every bird or parrot molts….it is just a question of when.  Depending upon the species, hormones and the age of the bird, all molts are different.

Below is a link (PDF file) for an interesting article I found written by Dr. Susan L. Clubb for Pet Age Magazine entitled “Molting 101”  Also this article explains some of the different types of feathers a parrot has.  My Amazon “Kiwi” has eyelashes which are called Bristles.  Amazons are known to have Bristles.

Why Does my Bird Molt? (PDF File)