Monthly Archives: February 2010

The Importance of Daily Routines for Parrots

Sun Conure Sleeping

As I was putting my birds to bed tonight I started thinking about how important it is to have daily routines for our birdies.  Every night, I sing to our flock but not just a song to the group.   Each of our birds gets a separate song just for them.  No, I am not a good singer and no I would never try out for American Idol but my birds love it.  I guess they are tone deaf (LOL).

It is important to establish routines for our birdies so that they can feel secure that certain things will happen at certain times of the day or night.  I always try to put my birds to bed at the same time every night.  I know that sometimes that is hard to do because life just gets in the way.  Nevertheless, I really try to be consistent with their bed time.  I never miss a night of singing to them even when I am really tired.  Tonight I realized that from start to finish (cleaning their cages, changing water and pellet dishes and of course singing) it takes me and my husband about 1 hour to get all my guys tucked in for bed.

All my birds seem to look forward to this nightly ritual and I think it helps them feel secure that they are safe and that their flock leaders (my husband and I ) are safe.

This Big Wood Chew Keeps My Cockatoo Busy Everyday

Our Umbrella Cockatoo goes through many phases in playing with her toys.  She likes plastic one week and the next week it’s wood and so on.   She is now very much into her wood phase and is going through all our wood toys like crazy.

I decided to make this new toy especially for her…..the “Woody Mammoth” Macaw/Cockatoo Bird Toy.  She especially loves this toy because it is so hearty with big pieces of wood to chew.  This toy weighs 5 Pounds!  It actually has over 6 feet of “Big” chunks of wood on it.   It seems it is her job each and everyday to chew at least some part of this bird toy.  It keeps her engaged all day.  Which is a great thing as she is hormonal right now.