FunTime Birdy Announces New & Improved Website

Junior FunStation Parrot Playgym by FunTime Birdy

Junior FunStation Parrot Playgym by FunTime Birdy

FunTime Birdy, a New Jersey-based manufacturer of bird toys and parrot playgyms/bird stands, has recently launched a new and improved website that makes shopping fun and easy. The new website,, features several new products, a customer photo gallery, dozens of testimonials and the “win a free bird toy contest.”

“One of the most compelling sections of our website is the customer photo gallery,” said Ann Zych, co-owner of FunTime Birdy. “We have over 60 pictures and over 100 testimonials. It’s been very rewarding to see how satisfied customers have been with our products. We get dozens of emails telling us how happy parrots are with their new playgyms and bird toys. Many people even send pictures showing their birds clowning around with their toys and enjoying themselves on their parrot playgyms. Emails and photos like that make it all worth while for us.”

Mark & Ann Zych founded FunTime Birdy in 2005. Passionate bird lovers themselves, they wanted to create quality bird toys and playgyms that a bird would actually enjoy. As a result, they engineered a variety of unique playgyms that allow the toys to sit at eye level. This enables parrots to have easy access to their toys, providing a maximum playing experience.

FunTime Birdy’s newest creation is the FunStation Playgym, designed for African Grey and Amazon sized parrots. “We call this our recession-busting playgym, because it is so affordable,” Ann said. “The entire unit costs only $89.99 and includes all the toys needed to keep your bird happy.”

The FunStation Playgym is 25″ (L) x 17″ (W) x 20 1/4″ (H). It comes with three handcrafted bird toys and three hardwood perches. One of the most innovative toys included is the Shred Station, which is designed for birds who love to tear up paper.

For more information, check out And don’t forget to enter the “win a free bird toy contest!” The lucky winner will receive a handcrafted bird toy designed specifically for your parrot’s size and breed.

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