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How Many Bird Toys Should My Parrot Have in His Bird Cage?

Cockatoo Playing with Bird Toy

Cockatoo Playing with Bird Toy

There are many different opinions about this subject. A lot of bird owners will say “my bird doesn’t like to play” or “my bird destroys his/her bird toys right away so I don’t want to buy that many toys for him”.

The truth of the matter is that birds need at least 10 to 14 toys in their cage at one time. The reason for so many toys is simple. Imagine for a moment that you were trapped in your house with nothing but some food, water and only one book to read. How fast would you finish that book? How bored would you be after you finished reading that one book? What would you do next? The answer is simple, nothing. Now look at it from your bird’s perspective. They have one or two bird toys in the cage and some food and water. After they play with the one or two toys, what can they do next? The answer is the same as for you, nothing.

When I bought my first bird 20 years ago I did not know that she needed so many toys. I did the usual 3 to 5 toys at one time. What I noticed was that my Umbrella Cockatoo was bored. She would often scream for my attention. After researching about birds and bird toys, I realized I had not provided her with enough stimulation to make her a happy and healthy bird. I then started providing her with more and more toys and she became a more playful and happy bird.

Now I am sure after reading this you are asking yourself, where am I going to put all these toys and how will my bird be able to move around in their cage with so many toys? The answer is simple you can place several bird toys along the back wall of the cage. You can also place the toys on the left or right side of the cage as well as hanging a few from the top of the cage. Remember to provide a perch near the area where the toys are so your bird can easily reach the toys. Another interesting spot to put some toys is hanging from the outside of the cage. Your bird can grab the toy from inside and this will become a whole new way to play for him. My mom actually does this a lot with her Cockatiel and he just loves to tug at the toy outside the cage and try to pull it into the cage.

Remember that birds are a lot like kids. They get bored very easily and need a lot of stimulation. In the wild they would spend most of their days foraging and running from danger. In our homes they have nothing to do but sit in their cage. This is why it is essential to provide our beloved birds with as much stimulation in the form of bird toys as possible.

Really Really Cool Bird House

This is one of the coolest videos/commercials I have ever seen.  This bird house looks so good it makes me want to go live in it.  The only thing missing in this house is a nice workout area or in this case a bird gym (LOL)

They really captured every detail of a home including the human cuckoo clock.  I wonder if from the birds perspective their home(s) really looks like this. (LOL)

Sunny and Nikki

Sunny and Nikki

Sunny and Nikki

This picture was sent to me by one of my customers, Jennifer from New York.  I have to say these guys are soooooo cute.  I really think the piano gives the picture the perfect touch.  I found out that the piano is actually a music box.  It is sized so perfectly that it actually looks like a specialty prop just for the picture.

I thought I would share this picture with all of you.  You can also see some more pictures of Sunny and Nikki

If anyone has some cute birdy pictures they would like to share I would love to post them

How to Get Your Bird to Eat Vegetables Part 1

Green Leafy Veggies

Green Leafy Veggies

It is so important for a parrot even a small parakeet to have a diverse diet.  No bird should ever just eat seeds alone.  The trick is how do I get my bird to start eating a well balanced diet filled with Pellets, fruits and green leafy veggies?  This can be easier said than done.  This is my first tip on how to get your bird eating greens.

My Cockatoo Marshmellow loves scrambled eggs.  Did you ever give your bird scrambled eggs?   If not then you should try scrambled eggs plain for 2 to 3 times and make sure your bird is really loving them before going to the next step.  Marshmellow already loves eggs so I was able to move right into putting some veggies in a blender.  I make sure the veggies are really ground up.  Then I mix in the eggs with the veggies and scramble them. Marshmellow always comes right over to eat her Veggie Egg combo.  It is great because I know she is eating her veggies while she is eating her egg.  Some weeks I try to really put a lot of veggies in but I do notice that when it is too green she seems to run away so I have to watch my mixture. (Please note this technique is meant to be used for a short time period……Just to help your bird get used to the taste of the vegetables.  As your bird becomes accustomed to the vegetables discontinue the use of egg in his or her diet.)

TIP: You can either use fresh veggies or plain frozen veggies which ever is easiest for you.  I have used both and never had a problem.

Once your bird is happily eating the veggie egg combo you can slowly substitute egg whites for the yokes and really make a healthy scrambled Veggie Egg.

I would love to discuss other recipes and ideas for getting our birds to eat healthy.  Please leave me a comment so we can share ideas.

Shreddable Bird Kabobs

Bird Kabob Fiesta Bird Toy

Bird Kabob Fiesta Bird Toy

I have found over time that birds love to have a mix of bird toys.  One of the most important types of bird toys is the easily destroyable type.  Birds just love to be able to have that sense of accomplishment by being able to destroy a bird toy by the end of a day.  This is the same feeling that humans have when we feel that we have accomplished our goal for that day.

I am excited and proud to now offer Bird Kabobs in all sizes for every flock member.  Bird Kabobs are an all-natural toy made of various sized Yucca pieces strung on sisal rope to satisfy your bird’s natural urge to chew and preen, relieving boredom, stress, and feather plucking. The Fiesta Bird Kabob will tempt and tantalize your bird with its wonderful textures and sweet smelling aromas.  My birds really love them!!  Check out the video below to see this little guy tear into a Kabob.

FunTime Birdy Announces New & Improved Website

Junior FunStation Parrot Playgym by FunTime Birdy

Junior FunStation Parrot Playgym by FunTime Birdy

FunTime Birdy, a New Jersey-based manufacturer of bird toys and parrot playgyms/bird stands, has recently launched a new and improved website that makes shopping fun and easy. The new website,, features several new products, a customer photo gallery, dozens of testimonials and the “win a free bird toy contest.”

“One of the most compelling sections of our website is the customer photo gallery,” said Ann Zych, co-owner of FunTime Birdy. “We have over 60 pictures and over 100 testimonials. It’s been very rewarding to see how satisfied customers have been with our products. We get dozens of emails telling us how happy parrots are with their new playgyms and bird toys. Many people even send pictures showing their birds clowning around with their toys and enjoying themselves on their parrot playgyms. Emails and photos like that make it all worth while for us.”

Mark & Ann Zych founded FunTime Birdy in 2005. Passionate bird lovers themselves, they wanted to create quality bird toys and playgyms that a bird would actually enjoy. As a result, they engineered a variety of unique playgyms that allow the toys to sit at eye level. This enables parrots to have easy access to their toys, providing a maximum playing experience.

FunTime Birdy’s newest creation is the FunStation Playgym, designed for African Grey and Amazon sized parrots. “We call this our recession-busting playgym, because it is so affordable,” Ann said. “The entire unit costs only $89.99 and includes all the toys needed to keep your bird happy.”

The FunStation Playgym is 25″ (L) x 17″ (W) x 20 1/4″ (H). It comes with three handcrafted bird toys and three hardwood perches. One of the most innovative toys included is the Shred Station, which is designed for birds who love to tear up paper.

For more information, check out And don’t forget to enter the “win a free bird toy contest!” The lucky winner will receive a handcrafted bird toy designed specifically for your parrot’s size and breed.

How Much Sleep Does my Bird Need?

Amazon Parrot Sleeping

Amazon Parrot Sleeping

Through living with birds/parrots for over 25 years I have come to learn that birds need at least 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night.  My Cockatoo Marshmellow is very cranky when she does not get enough sleep.  At certain times of the year Marshmellow needs as much as 14 hours of sleep.  Marshmellow sleeps with our other flock members in our second bedroom.  All the flock members that sleep in our second bedroom have a cage cover so that it is nice and dark for them.  I even went out and purchased a black out shade for those summer months when it is still light when I put them to bed.

However, my African Grey, Jerry seems to need less sleep.  Jerry is a special case after many years of trying to find out why he was plucking his feathers we realized that Jerry is afraid of the dark.  In order to solve Jerry’s problem he now sleeps in our den away from my other flock members and we leave the light on for him.  He has not plucked a single feather.

What I have learned about birds and sleep is that birds are like humans.  Some humans require more sleep than others and some birds require more sleep than other birds.  The guideline is to allow your bird to have at least 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep and then see how they behave.  You will then be able to adjust their sleep to either more or less depending on how they do.

I would love to hear your comments about your bird’s sleep patterns.  Please leave me a comment and I will respond back.